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Welcome to Redwood Ranch and our pedagogic canine website with information on training, deafness, nutrition and cancer. We offer canine natural well-being services, assistance with frustration and fear, as well as offering a shop selling natural canine food supplements. Previously, we ran a small Australian Shepherd kennel. We are located in the south of France, in the Haute Garonne department.


Below, you'll find a short resume of the what our site has to offer.

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Natural Canine Well-Being

Can you imagine a life with your dog where you have few veterinary visits, no excessive amounts of medication to administer, no harmful chemicals in your dogs’ body or in the environment. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t, so long as you are willing to be proactive and act as your dogs’ personal health advocate. In addition to conventional veterinary healthcare and treatment, you can also use natural remedies and holistic healthcare as complementary options to give your dogs the best of both worlds, so that they can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. Holistic dog care is more than diet and more than good veterinary care – it’s a total approach that must include respecting the emotional needs of your dog and keeping the environment he lives in as toxin-free as possible.

We are here to help you reach that goal, by offering information on natural alternatives to common problems, as well as offering consultations to personalize natural feeding options that suit your individual dog’s needs, in order to maintain the utmost state of well-being possible.


Relief from Fear and Frustration

Is your dog showing signs of fear or frustration, manifesting as running away, hiding, growling, lunging, biting? Do you long to have your dog find a sense of well-being, calm and a return to a life without major stress? We can help you reach those goals by helping you learn to understand what your dog is telling you and, through patience, love and understanding, help him find a sense of well-being.



Canine deafness: Our site is here to help you understand canine deafness, the truth about deaf dogs as well as to follow the adventures of our deaf dog and amabassador, Lucas.

Education: We have a large amount of articles on dog training, mainly focused on the Australian Shepherd, however a certain number apply to dogs in general.

Canine cancer: Following the discovery of lymphoma in one of our dogs, Fern, we learned as much as possible about this disease and want to share our discoveries with you so that, if cancer affects you as well, you feel less alone and have access to infomation that could potentially help your dog. You can also follow Fern's journey on her blog.

Nutrition: All our dogs are raw fed (BARF). You will find many articles about this type of feeding as well as a link to our shop of food supplements.



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We hope that you will enjoy our website, our photos, and the available information. If you have any questions regarding the articles, our services offered, or on dogs in general, please feel free to contact us.

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