The Aussie Grin

(reprinted with the author's permission)



Below is an explanation of a trait common in some lines of Aussies.    It's often called "grinning", where a dog shows its teeth, sometimes just front ones and sometimes all of them in an open mouthed grin.  To the uninformed, this may look like a sign of aggression, but it's quite the opposite.   It's a sign of appeasement!  A dog will grin if it senses you are being angry or if the dog is unsure or stressed, to try to calm you down.   It's a calming signal they will use with each other too, but more often with people.  

Many other Aussies who do grin do it when they are excited and greeting their people or guests.  If you encounter this trait see it for what it is and don't mistakenly assume the dog is being aggressive.  Some Aussies grin so hard they sneeze, and they often wiggle their whole bodies and make silly noises as they do their best grin.

To those who know and love the breed, the grin is just one of their many endearing traits! 


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